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Meet Me In Montauk

"There are so many different worlds in Long Island. That's why it's so fascinating." - Susan Isaacs

I'm a New York girl through and through. Born and raised between Long Island and upstate New York, with a stint in Manhattan, it's home. New York has a lot to offer as far as beautiful scenery, history, and food, but my all time absolute favorite place, is Montauk. Beach bum for life!

Montauk lighthouse

Apparently, Montauk is one of the top 3 most expensive beach towns in the world! This doesn't shock me, knowing what I've spent there, but I still have a soft spot for it. I've been going to Montauk since I was a little girl, and in more recent years it's been mine and my mom's annual vacation spot after Labor Day. So much quieter without a ton of tourists, and sligggghtttly cheaper hotel costs. Win, win.

This year we really lucked out with the weather omgggg, it was heaven every single day! The last couple years we haven't been as lucky so this definitely made up for it! I would wake up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise, grab breakfast, and then have my ass planted on the beach reading and watching the horizon for dolphins and whales until dinner time!

montauk beach sunrise ocean
Montauk beach sunrise

The ocean put on a show every single day! Pods of dolphins would pass by one way, and then whales would be going the other. Like, I'm serious when I say these whales were coming fully out of the water, it was breathtaking!

This year we did things a little differently, staying somewhere new and trying some new spots to eat! Normally we stay at Daunts Albatross - which is a really great spot if you ever decide to take a beach vacation!

Daunt's Albatross motel Montauk patio fire pit
Daunt's Albatross

They've made a lot of major updates to the rooms and grounds, and it's such a cozy set up with fire pits and a nice patio common area. We wanted to try being right on the beach this year, so we chose Montauk Blue Hotel. Slightly more expensive, but I don't think I can do Montauk any other way now! This hotel is right. on. the. beach. And one of the guest perks they offer is providing umbrellas and chairs that an employee will set up for you. I stuck with my Tommy Bahama for all day reading and lounging, but still a nice option to have.

sand ocean beach Montauk
Montauk Blue Hotel ocean umbrella beach chair

Our room was ocean view, and as soon as we walked off the patio we just walked down a couple steps and were right on the sand. For convenience alone it was perfect!

Montauk blue hotel patio

Still a super quick walk into town too, I'm not a walker so I'm not exaggerating how easy it is. Just 2 short blocks to cover before you hit Main Street where you're enveloped in beach shops and restaurants.

streek artwork vibrant paint colors Montauk

Some of my favorite spots like The T-Shirt Store for the most comfortable loungewear, Anthony's Diner for an eggs Benedict breakfast (make sure to get a side of the home fries to drench in the hollandaise sauce!), and MTK Lobster House who has suchhhhh a delicious lobster roll and crispy fries.

Montauk lobster house French fries lobster roll

(I will admit I didn't get one this year like I wanted because the day we were planning to go I had a little too much sun and one too many margaritas on an empty stomach and passed out around 7:30 lol). The thing with going off season is that not all restaurants are open every day of the week so you kind of have to map out the ones you definitely want to go to!

That being said, we finally got to try TAUK, and will definitely be going back next year! Ya'll these mahi tacos with pineapple salsa!? Inhaled it. Had a deliciously spicy margarita to wash it down, and of course, tiramisu for dessert. The waiter was honest and said it was out of a box but I didn't care, lol it was so good!

TAUK restaurant Montauk
TAUK mahi tacos with pineapple salsa Montauk

I got to check something new off my bucket list too; have a fire on the beach with s'mores! You don't have to be staying at Montauk Blue to do it, but like I said, convenience. It was so relaxing just sitting watching the fire while listening to the waves, and Yankee's game, at the same time. What more could a girl want?!

beach fire nighttime Montauk

Plenty of reading was happening while I was away! I can't travel without at least one good book to sink into. The True Love Experiment was fun and flirty contemporary fiction, while the Echo of Old Books had a historical romance mystery vibe. Both quick reads; check them out on for more info!

the true love experiment book at the beach Montauk
the echo of old books book

Now, it doesn't go unrecognized that a vacation like this, at a place like this, is not easily accessible for everyone. It's a privilege, one for which I am extremely grateful to continuously get to experience. This beach has always been my happy place, and I will forever cherish the memories had here. I hope you get the chance to make your own!

Montauk sunset sky at the beach

Montauk, as always, thanks for the ultimate summer sendoff.


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