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I have been making collages since middle school - that's 1997-ish - but I didn't have the guts to show them to the world until December 2020.  Imposter syndrome to the max! But, it was the perfect time to really jump back into creating and see what I could come up with. It took a while for me to settle on a name, I had to find the perfect way to blend everything I love; fashion, pop culture, movies, quotes, travel, everything!  

I chose the word 'eclectic' because that's my personality. My interests, hobbies, and style are an eclectic collection of all the things! I'm a sucker for a good visual, vision boards especially! I have an extremely busy mind, and putting things into something tangible helps ground me.  Creating collages quiets my brain.  I throw on an episode of Friends in the background and I'm in the zone! - fun fact, I can quote every single episode from all 10 seasons.  It's my comfort show!

Now mind you, I still have no idea what I want to do with my art, or what I could do?! There are so many avenues I still want to explore! I've gone from pasting magazine cutouts on an 8x10" piece of paper to digital graphics, and now directly onto different size canvas. Take it a step further and I've taught myself resin, paint pouring, mixed media, social media and now website design! 

I could totally see my art on shelves at Target on mugs, pillows, notebooks, computer cases, postcards...or working with brands and designers to make their storyboards or help with their layouts and content, book covers ...ya never know right? ...ok yeah so maybe I have thought about it some haha. If you're gonna dream, dream big!

Splattered Paint
Painting pattern_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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