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Welcome to My Neverland

All it takes is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust! 


Welcome to my version of Neverland, where imagination and curiosity meets reality.  It's a space to share my infinite interests, and give insight as to what inspires me in this ever-changing world.

Think of this blog like this:







Things I post about are strictly my opinions and personal interests! They are not intended as professional advice, just as me sharing my story and what goes on in my head.  Take what resonates and leave the rest!

forrest gump box of chocolates scene

Lets Get Into It

My name is Kelly, I’m a 36 year old creative hoping to find my niche in an environment that supports my many interests! Media, Communications, Astrology, Pop Culture, TV/Film, Art & Creativity, Publishing, Travel & Lifestyle...the list goes on and on!  Typical Gemini rising, we're restless and curious! - Lots of Astrology references here just FYI.  Fun fact that you didn't ask for, I am a Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Gemini Rising! 

So why the blog you ask? With all my various interests and hobbies (Hi Gemini) I wanted to create a space where I could explore all of them (so Sag), but keep them organized in one place (heavy on the Virgo).  A fun mix of everything and anything that sparks joy for me and lets my creativity thrive!

My hope is that I get to connect with other like minded unicorns who just love all the things, while feeding my self expression and curiosity at the same time. And who knows, maybe we’ll all learn something along the way! 


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